The Calibro Promise: our blueprint for working with our clients

Our Promise

“Calibro was created to be a different type of infrastructure planning consultancy: one with a human, communicative and collaborative approach.”
Stuart Choak, Managing Director, Calibro

Like many new businesses, we began our journey on the back of individual relationships that had been forged between our leadership team and our individual clients.

This was always intentional – I’ve never found any satisfaction from simply ‘filling the company coffers’ through transactional relationships: they’re unfulfilling, unrewarding and can even be harmful to our culture and what we stand for as a consultancy.

We’d much rather develop a business that’s based on those personal relationships, where we’re genuinely invested in shared successes, with each success story being the platform for the next.  Even if this means that growth is slightly curtailed in the short term.

Ultimately, we believe this is how to establish satisfaction and loyalty – from both team members and clients alike. Strong relationships provide the framework that will help us to thrive in the long term, and see us through any dips the industry may face in the future.

How new team members can grow Calibro relationships 

It’s important, as we welcome new, energetic and talented people to Calibro, that we make sure we reinforce this approach to maintaining and building new relationships, throughout the business.

For the first time last year, we sat down together to identify and articulate our core values and guiding principles. The combined power of these means we can make a number of meaningful promises to each and every one of our clients.

Our Values

Calibro has become the consultancy it is because of how our people embody our four core values. They reflect our enthusiasm to excel; and provide reassurance to everyone who comes into contact with us. Every relationship, every communication and everything we create reflects our values of transparency, ownership, collaboration and clarity.

Our Guiding Principles and Our Promises

Every decision we take, including the way we approach our daily business activities is based on our guiding principles. Our leadership team and every member of the Calibro staff are committed to these principles, which in turn have provided the guidance behind the  five key promises we make when we commit to undertaking work.

Together, these principles and promises form the blueprint that ensures we’re able to get your development project over the line.

Delivering on Our Promises

All this isn’t just words on a page/screen, articulated for the sake of it.

As we wrote in our blog last year, Quality is the journey we’re always on: our first waypoint, we’re committed to measuring and monitoring our relationships with clients using the proven, transparent metric of the ‘Net Promoter Score’ (NPS). Our results clearly put us in the ‘excellent’ category, and well ahead of the industry average.

We’ll never lose sight of our founding principles, and will always make sure our promises are followed throughout the work we do. If you think our approach can be the platform for shared success for your next project, please feel free to contact a member of our leadership team (shown below).

Our Team

Stuart Choak – Managing Director & Head of Transport Planning

Stuart is the founding Director of the business which he established after almost two decades of working within transport planning and highway consultancy environments, representing both public and private sector clients on transport-sensitive developments throughout the UK and Ireland.

He established Calibro to avoid the ever-increasing pressures of corporate management structures and processes, to enable him to continue to dedicate his time to his clients and their projects.

In setting up the business, Stuart was keen to avoid creating an organisation that was obsessed by its own brand. Instead, he has been committed to growing the team and its culture to exploit the unique experiences of each individual, whilst ensuring commonality exists in their passion for what we do and the ability to thrive on the pressures associated with solving complex and often intimidating problems.

Contact Stuart

07984 585403  |

Stuart Choak

Managing Director & Head of Transport Planning

Alex Bearne – Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology

Alex is an integral part of the company’s leadership team as Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology.

Alex is an experienced and committed professional with over 15 year’s experience and brings with him specialist skills in hydrology, hydraulic modelling and GIS, and an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment and substantial experience of working in collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Alex has assisted client’s from due diligence through to managing Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and outline drainage design submissions on numerous strategic housing developments of up to 10,000 houses. At the other end of the scale Alex has helped secure planning permission for countless smaller developments both through his work on assessing flood risk and the design of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

Alex has also undertaken a significant amount of work for the Environment Agency (EA), ranging from strategic modelling and flood forecasting work to Flood Defence Studies, from scoping through to business case level. He has also advised local authorities on their policies and has authored Strategic Flood Risk Assessments and developed local flood resilience strategies.

Contact Alex

07495 038077  |

Alex Bearne

Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology

Will Whiting – Head of Infrastructure & Drainage

Will is an integral part of the company’s leadership team as Head of Infrastructure & Drainage.

Joining the business after more than 17 years working for regional and national housebuilders, most recently as Engineering Manager at Redrow Homes Plc, Will has developed an enviable reputation for delivering no-nonsense engineering solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Will appreciates the requirements for all disciplines – from Archaeology & Ecology though to Landscaping & Structural teams – and works to integrate these sometimes competing requirements to provide clients with solutions that are commercially astute whilst maintaining the buildability and adoptability of the design that is required to facilitate a smooth transition to construction.

Will joined the business to anticipate the needs of our housebuilder clients, in particular by ensuring sound principles are incorporated at the earliest stages of informing a planning application and which can be carried through to the timely submission of Section 38/278 highway agreements, S104/S185 drainage agreements, and providing on-site support to contractors and developers.

Contact Will

07415 714865  |

Will Whiting

Head of Infrastructure