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Our business and services are defined by our people. And no one works harder to get your developments over the line. Our combination of commitment and expertise is what makes this team different.

Each member of our close-knit team makes unique and important contributions to every aspect of our projects. Key to this is our common approach to our work: we love what we do, respond to the diverse challenges and pressures, and thrive on solving complex and often intimidating problems.

We deliver tangible value to our clients. We’ll take responsibility to drive your project forward as if it were our own, because our own success is driven by yours. And you’ll have the reassurance of all the support you need to get your developments over the line.

Our Team

Stuart Choak – Managing Director & Southampton Office Lead

Stuart is the dedicated founder and driving force behind our company. With a profound passion for infrastructure planning, Stuart embarked on this journey after a career spanning nearly two decades. During this time, he represented a diverse array of public and private sector clients on transport-sensitive projects across the UK and Ireland.

The inception of Calibro wasn’t just about starting a business; it was a deliberate choice to create an organisation that puts clients and their projects at the forefront. Stuart’s commitment to this principle is steadfast; he’s here to dedicate his time, knowledge, and expertise to ensure our clients’ success.

In founding the company, Stuart’s vision diverged from creating a self-obsessed organisation fixated on its brand. Instead, he championed a culture that appreciates the unique experiences and perspectives of each team member. While celebrating individuality, there’s a shared passion for our mission and the collective ability to excel under the weight of complex and daunting challenges.

Stuart’s leadership is a testament to his commitment to fostering an environment where innovation and client-centricity flourish. He understands that our success is rooted in the success of our clients and their projects.

With Stuart as our Founder and Managing Director, you can trust that we’re not just another company; we’re a partner dedicated to your journey of overcoming intricate challenges and achieving remarkable results.

Contact Stuart

07984 585403  |  stuart.choak@calibro-consultants.com

Stuart Choak

Managing Director & Southampton Office Lead

Richard Woods – Head of Transport Planning

Richard is a foundational pillar of our organisation and the driving force behind our Transportation Planning division. Richard has been a trusted collaborator alongside Stuart in shaping our journey since the inception of the business.

As the Head of Transport Planning, Richard plays a pivotal role in steering our company towards its goals. He thrives on leading his team with a blend of unwavering commitment to data accuracy and a deep-rooted culture of innovation.

Richard’s focus revolves around crafting the compelling ‘narrative’ that supports our development initiatives. He and his expert team pride themselves on delivering the most intricate, precise, and relevant data and analysis. Whether it’s laying the groundwork for site identification, promoting local plans, or providing support during the planning application process and beyond, Richard ensures that our approach is consistently rigorous.

With Richard at the helm of our transport team, you can trust that we’re not just planning for the future; we’re building it with precision and innovation.

Contact Richard

07376 605864  |  richard.woods@calibro-consultants.com

Richard Woods

Head of Transport Planning

Patrick Goodey – Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology

Patrick is an integral member of our leadership team who heads our Flood Risk & Hydrology division.

Patrick’s journey brings him from a successful tenure leading the flood risk team at Bristol City Council, where he gained invaluable experience over nearly two decades. He brings with him a wealth of expertise in hydrology, hydraulic modeling, GIS, and an extensive understanding of the regulatory landscape. His career is marked by a steadfast commitment to his profession and collaborative endeavors with diverse stakeholders.

With an impressive track record, Patrick has guided clients through every facet of their projects, from due diligence to the meticulous management of Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and the development of outline drainage designs for a wide array of strategic housing developments, regardless of their scale. Moreover, his contributions extend to securing planning permissions for numerous smaller developments. Patrick’s adeptness in assessing flood risk and designing sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) has been instrumental in these achievements.

Patrick’s vision aligns seamlessly with our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. He champions holistic solutions that harmonise the intricacies of flood risk management with sustainable development practices. His dedication ensures that projects not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute positively to the communities they serve.

With Patrick at the helm of Flood Risk & Hydrology, we’re navigating the waters of progress with expertise and dedication

Contact Patrick

07494 742 680  |  patrick.goodey@calibro-consultants.com

Patrick Goodey

Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology

Will Whiting – Head of Infrastructure & Drainage

Will is a versatile leader who not only heads our Bristol office but also serves as the Head of Infrastructure & Drainage within our dynamic leadership team.

Bringing a wealth of experience to our team, Will joined us after a remarkable 17-year journey in the realm of regional and national housebuilding. His most recent role as Engineering Manager at Redrow Homes Plc cemented his reputation for delivering engineering solutions with exceptional efficiency and a straightforward approach.

Will possesses a unique understanding of the diverse demands across various disciplines, ranging from Archaeology & Ecology to Landscaping & Structural teams. His skill lies in harmonising these sometimes conflicting requirements to craft solutions that are not only commercially savvy but which also enhance the feasibility and adaptability of our designs, ensuring a seamless transition to construction.

Will’s mission upon joining our team was to anticipate the evolving needs of our housebuilder clients. His focus centers on incorporating sound principles right from the early stages of planning, carrying them through to the timely submission of critical agreements like Section 38/278 highway agreements and S104/S185 drainage agreements. Additionally, he provides invaluable on-site support to contractors and developers, ensuring the successful realisation of our projects.

With Will at the helm of Infrastructure & Drainage, we’re engineering the future with precision and foresight.

Contact Will

07415 714865  |  will.whiting@calibro-consultants.com

Will Whiting

Head of Infrastructure & Bristol Office Lead

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