Our Culture

With you all the way

Our commitment to culture is unfaltering. It’s a culture defined by our people. A culture that has been created, enhanced and protected by a shared cultural vision which serves as a guiding light that unites us in our collective journey.

Looking after our people

We recognise the importance of the health and wellbeing of our people, and operate monthly one-to-ones with line managers, making it easy to give informal feedback on colleagues and managers (we’re always keen to hear how we can do better!)

Everyone has access to a range of discounts via our reward system, and we also pay for colleagues to have immediate access to virtual GP consultations that can diagnose and prescribe there and then, with prescriptions delivered to your door.

Dreaming of a 4-day work week?

As a part of our commitment to mental health and wellbeing, we’re offering our team members the opportunity to be more flexible with their working days. Full-timers could potentially enjoy a 4-day work week, while our part-time employees will also have the opportunity to flex, based on the equivalent reduction of their monthly hours.

That’s up to 22 hours off every month.

This initiative, which we’re calling ’22 for you’, works on the simple premise of ‘why work 5 days if we can get our work done in 4″.

Find out more in our blog post.

Igniting passion, fostering growth

We’re focused on supporting and nurturing your development. Through regular PDR reviews and catch-ups we’ll discuss how we can help you learn new skills, and provide opportunities to advance your career. The focus is on enabling you to reach your full potential in a role you’ll find rewarding every day.

A sociable lot

Each of our offices have dedicated social and collaboration spaces where colleagues can take a break, relax and re-energise on comfortable seating, away from the desk. Music in the background while we work is also an option and is usually an opportunity for banter if you have the same taste as our managers!

We contribute to a monthly social fund which can be used on nights out together, without the need to wait for managers to put their hand in their pockets, and this is in addition to our company-wide social and team events.

Find where you can flourish

These aren’t just words. They’re a promise. And we’re pleased that this is valued by the people that work with us and even by those who don’t – winning Employer of the year in the 2021 Bristol Property Awards.

If this sounds like the environment where you’ll take your skills to the next level and relish the challenge, go to our Careers page to see what opportunities we currently have available.

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