Our New Leadership Team: Will Whiting, Head of Infrastructure & Drainage

Getting to Know Will Whiting: Beyond the Office

In our journey at Calibro, we believe in the perfect synergy between work and life outside the office. It’s all about striking that balance, and for our Will Whiting (Head of Infrastructure & Drainage) that means cherishing moments with my family.

In this short blog, Will introduces you to the world beyond work, the adventures of my life as a father, and his vision for his team.


A Peek into My World

Outside the professional realm, my world revolves around my family. I’m a proud father of two wonderful kids, Jared, who’s 8 years old, and Ella, a spirited 5-year-old. These young ones keep me on my toes and fill my days with laughter and wonder.

Jared is a massive Pokemon enthusiast. We bond over collecting cards and various memorabilia. Recently, we’ve embarked on a digital adventure together, hunting for Pokemon on a mobile app. It’s a fantastic way to get some fresh air and nurture his interests.

Ella, on the other hand, has joined a new club where she’s acquiring essential life skills as part of the foundation scheme. I’m excited to witness her growth and the experiences she’ll gather along the way.

And that’s not all. My family and I have recently taken up fishing. It’s been an incredible journey of exploration, discovering new places, and trying new things together. These moments of shared experiences are precious, and they remind me of the importance of balance in life.

I believe that my management style echoes my parenting style – relaxed, inclusive, and focused on our goals. At Calibro, it’s about ensuring everyone has a voice in the decision-making process while staying aligned with our mission for the day.

My Role in the Leadership Team

As a member of Calibro’s Senior Leadership Team, I like to think that I take on a crucial role that extends beyond his technical expertise in infrastructure and drainage by chairing the monthly leadership meetings; a forum that unites the leaders of the three core specialisms within Calibro – Transport Planning (Richard Woods), Flood Risk and Hydrology (Patrick Goodey), and Infrastructure and Drainage (Will himself).

In this capacity, together with the rest of the leadership team, I shoulder the responsibility of not only delivering projects but also adhering to Calibro’s guiding principles and promises. These principles are the bedrock of the company’s culture and mission of “cultivating sustainable communities, anchored in integrity, excellence & human interaction”.

Part of my role is to ensure these principles and promises are upheld across all projects and I chair the leadership team meetings that provide a platform for collaboration, mentorship, and problem-solving. I’d like to think my leadership style is characterised by openness, support, and alignment with the team’s common objective, promoting the idea of “one Calibro” and my extensive experience in the regional and national housebuilding sector brings  insights into the detailed objectives that clients have during the design and construction stages, ensuring that Calibro can play its part in creating deliverable projects focused on quality without the need for later value engineering, ensuring projects contribute to the success of schemes in line with the company’s mission.

My Vision for the Team

Leading the Infrastructure and Drainage team at Calibro is not just about projects and technical prowess. It’s about shaping the very essence of our team and the services we provide. I see this role as an opportunity to create something extraordinary, in harmony with Calibro’s core values and commitment to our clients.

In a world where empty promises often overshadow genuine care, I’m committed to making sure that every client receives the attention and service they deserve. No more slick sales pitches followed by passing the workload to a cheaper resource. We’re building a team that’s not just highly skilled but genuinely passionate about what they do, reflecting the heart of our business.

And I’m not on this journey alone. I’m fortunate to work alongside the brilliant Heads of Transport Planning and Flood Risk & Hydrology disciplines. We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips to tackle even the most challenging questions that come our way.

On a personal note, this role keeps me on my toes like a circus performer on a tightrope. It’s a thrilling balancing act, combining a wide array of skills from my past experience with constantly evolving ones I pick up along the way. Trust me, there’s never a dull moment in this role.

Before stepping into the consultancy world in February 2020, I spent 15 years on the other side of the fence, working with local and national housebuilders. This unique background gives me and my team a special perspective. We don’t just focus on the technical details; we think about how our work fits into the bigger picture and the client and customer journey.

The little things matter. No one has ever said, “Wow, that’s a fantastic manhole location!” But they might wonder, “Why is there a manhole cover right in front of the show house’s front door?” It’s these small considerations that make a significant difference in ensuring our clients have complete confidence in our work. We’re not just experts; we’re empathetic problem solvers who genuinely care about our clients’ perspectives.

When it comes to the future, I have a grand vision for our team. It’s about nurturing and growing our existing talent. Our current staff is the backbone of our success, and I’m dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. A happy team is a loyal team.

When we seek new talent, we’re not just looking for skills. We’re hunting for individuals eager to learn, adapt, and embrace our company culture. At Calibro, we’re in this together, ready to dive into challenges, no matter how big or small. While we’re a relatively small consultancy now, we’re determined to be a shining star in our disciplines within our target areas.

A Final Thought…

Our goal isn’t world domination, at least not yet, but it is to create a business that’s a shining star in our fields. Exciting times lie ahead and there are more thrilling chapters to be written in the Calibro story.