Redefining our Culture: The Calibro Way – By Our Staff, For Our Staff

Our Realisation

At Calibro, we’ve always recognised the significance of our company culture. It’s the invisible thread that weaves through our daily interactions and defines how we work together.

However, it occurred to us that despite regularly speaking about our culture, we had never taken the time to put it into words. It was like having a secret handshake without knowing what it meant! We assumed we knew what each other meant, but it was time to give our culture a voice.

Our senior leadership team decided to embark on a journey to not only define our culture but also to ensure that it was led by the very people who make Calibro exceptional – our staff.

Our realisation was simple yet profound. While our leadership had set the tone for client interactions and our approach to work, we recognised the importance of having a culture that our staff could truly “own” and “share” amongst themselves. This was more than just a statement; it was a commitment to our people.

By letting our staff lead this endeavor, we knew we could ensure that everyone was working together for the same cause. We believe that imposing a culture from the top down would hinder the genuine buy-in we sought. Ultimately, we want our people to thrive, and we aim to attract and retain the best talent.

The Building Blocks

Whilst we’ve been supporting our culture for a long time – creating opportunities for a 4-day working week and having a nominated in-house well-being champion, being just two relatively recent initiatives we’ve introduced – it was time to hear from our staff. We wanted them to share their thoughts, hopes, and aspirations for our culture and it was great to hear some of the key words/phrases that came out of this exercise.

  • Small Business / Sense of there being a personal touch
  • Thriving Colleagues
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency of Effort
  • Approachable Senior Management
  • Relaxed Work Atmosphere
  • Flexibility
  • One Unified Business
  • Authenticity
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Open Dialogue
  • Strong Personal Connections
  • Shared Journey

These words weren’t just random; they became the compass that pointed us in the right direction.

Our Cultural Vision Statement

Our staff, with their unique insights and perspectives, collectively crafted our cultural vision:

“At Calibro, we are a united team; driven by our unwaivering committment to our people and a shared vision of cultivating sustainable communities anchored in integrity, excellence and human interaction.

We believe in a culture where every colleague thrives, where roles are fluid and collaboration is our cornerstone. We’re more than just a business, we’re a partnership for success, where the link between effort and reward is transparent.

In our relaxed and flexible work atmosphere, every voice is heard. Senior leaders are not just by your side, they’re available and approachable. At Calibro, you can be yourself, rely on your colleagues, and make personal connections that define our shared journey.

Our Culture is one where personal connections flourish and we know that, together, we’re creating something exceptional”

Staff Feedback

One of our valued team members, Chris Byrtus, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, shared his perspective on this unique cultural vision:

“This is not only the first time I’ve worked somewhere that has a cultural vision statement related to the way staff work and engage together, but it’s also the only place I’m aware of that has handed the development of the vision across for the staff to prepare themselves. I feel empowered by this approach and closer to the values of the business as a whole because of it.”

Why It Matters

Will Whiting, Head of Infrastructure & Drainage and Bristol office lead, expressed the clear desire from the entire senior leadership team:

“With the newly refreshed leadership team, there is an opportunity and momentum behind the business that means we’re looking in on ourselves, creating the platform to attract and retain the very best staff, and generally doing the right things for the right reasons. We are all on the same journey, and our staff-led culture is the compass that guides us.”

So What Next?

Involving our staff in shaping our culture feels transformative. It’s not just a statement on paper; it’s a living, breathing reality at Calibro. Our culture is a testament to the passion, dedication, and collaborative spirit of our team.

Whilst it is “our” cultural vision for “our” journey, we’re opening it up to those with whom it resonates.

If  you are looking for a progressive workplace that values authenticity, collaboration, and inclusivity, take a look at our career opportunities  and become a part of our thriving family.