Embracing Change, Cultivating Success: New Voices at Calibro

Embracing Change, Cultivating Success: New Voices at Calibro

At Calibro , welcoming fresh perspectives isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s a way of life.

We recently caught up with Cory Foster, our enthusiastic Graduate Flood Risk Consultant, and Nick Rabbets, a seasoned Senior Transport Consultant, to delve into their first few months at Calibro and hear about their experiences.

Cory, with an infectious energy, shared, “I didn’t expect the delightful twist Calibro offers. It’s not your typical corporate landscape. There’s room to explore and try new things.” His sentiment resonates with our commitment to a dynamic work environment where every team member has the liberty to innovate and grow.

On the other hand, Nick, who brings eight years of rich experience as Managing Director of The TRICS Consortium (the nationally accepted traffic forecasting database), emphasised the inclusive nature of our decision-making process. “Titles don’t define your voice here. Whether a seasoned professional or a fresh 

graduate, everyone’s opinion matters, and its not something I’ve really experienced elsewhere in my career” he emphasised.

Both Cory and Nick echoed their initial motivations for joining Calibro Consultants, with Cory stating, “The company’s welcoming atmosphere and mentorship make starting as a graduate less intimidating. What they promised is exactly what I’ve found here – support, guidance, and a genuine desire for my growth.”

Nick reaffirmed this sentiment, saying “Joining Calibro Consultants was a leap of faith based on what they professed. I can confidently say they’ve not just met but exceeded my expectations. It’s rare to find a company that aligns its actions so seamlessly with its words.”

Their experiences resonate with the heart of Calibro’s Cultural Vision, a guiding beacon crafted collaboratively by our team. This vision encapsulates our commitment to integrity, excellence, and human interaction, fostering a united team that thrives in our relaxed and flexible work atmosphere.

Beyond words, our ’22 for You’ initiative exemplifies our dedication to employee well-being. The four-day week option, earned through hitting monthly targets, has not only encouraged a healthier work-life balance but has also augmented productivity remarkably. Furthermore, our midweek unwind sessions around the beer fridge foster genuine connections among colleagues, breaking the barriers of formalities and promoting a harmonious work environment.

In the day-to-day dynamics at Calibro, Cory expressed, “The support and mentoring here have been instrumental in my growth. The freedom to learn and explore diverse projects as a fresh graduate has truly widened my perspective.”

Nick emphasised the flat management structure, noting, “It’s a testament to the openness here. Communication channels are unencumbered, allowing ideas to flow freely regardless of hierarchy.”

Joining a company that values personal development beyond work-related skills is a rarity. Cory pointed out, “It’s not just about professional growth; they encourage us to focus on our personal development too. The emphasis on self-improvement is evident in every aspect of the company.”

Nick concurred, adding, “The encouragement to step out, concentrate on oneself, and come back rejuvenated has been refreshing.”

Final Thoughts

It’s truly encouraging to hear that our commitment extends beyond projects; it lies in the growth and well-being of every team member. Cory and Nick’s experiences underscore our dedication to nurturing a culture where every individual thrives, personally and professionally.

But, we don’t profess to be perfect – there’s still more to do, more enjoyment and successes to be found!

If you’re seeking an environment that fosters innovation, values diverse perspectives, and champions holistic growth, Calibro might just be the right place for you. Check out our latest vacancies here.