Supporting a better future

Our team has extensive experience in supporting development for wind, solar and energy-from-waste projects throughout the UK. This includes large scale wind farms to single turbines; expansive solar schemes in areas of risk of flooding; municipal energy-from-waste developments with capacity to process 500,000 tonnes of waste each year, to small scale anaerobic digestion facilities.

We apply a deeper understanding

As a corporate IEMA partner, we understand the specific legal requirements of environmental impact assessment and their nuances, along with the significance of getting this right from the outset. We also recognise that EIA is supposed to be accessible for members of the public; so we use our proven communication skills to explain the implications of development, helping to clear the way to getting the green light on proposals.

Helping to deliver a green future on solid engineering principles

We are fortunate to be working with some of the most recognisable renewable energy brands in the market. They have placed their trust in us time after time on projects across the country. Our latest projects include:

Nationally, BP

public electric vehicle charging car parks

Layne’s Wood, Highleadon, Gloucestershire

130ha Solar PV

Elwy Solar Farm, Denbighshire

119ha Solar PV

Cotmoor Solar Farm, Southwell, Nottinghamshire

108ha Solar PV

Lawrence Weston Community Scheme, Avonmouth, Bristol

single wind turbine

Calibro has not only been able to identify and present clear and compelling strategies for large and complex site promotions – ones that don’t just rely on costly infrastructure improvements – but they also take a very proactive and innovative approach in the way they engage with key stakeholders.

Jonathan Steel
Director (Planning)

Our sector experience

We use our experience, insight and analytical approaches to respond to the exact needs of our clients; and identify and solve problems by targeting solutions that take in the bigger picture.