Over the line

Read about the projects we drive forward

At Calibro we put a range of skill sets and disciplines to work to get our clients’ developments over the line. The ‘Projects’ section of our website details the variety we thrive on, and offers a picture of just how we add value to everything we get involved in.

From capacity and understanding to technical ability and creativity

As the specialist infrastructure planning consultancy we support a broad range of clients in developing transport, flood risk, infrastructure and drainage strategies, backed by technical knowledge, creative thinking and clear, innovative presentation. We work with some of the largest, most active and ambitious developers and energy providers in the country – recognition of our capabilities and clients’ trust in us to get their projects approved.

Breaking down our projects

Go to the Projects section of our site and you’ll see how easy it is to find the project that crosses over with your requirement. You can search by either ‘Sectors’ or ‘Services’:

Sectors: Commercial; Education & Health; Renewables; Residential; Retail.

Services: Flood Risk & Hydrology; Infrastructure and Drainage Engineering; Transport Planning.

Once you’ve clicked through to the project you’re interested in, you’ll see that the project description is broken down into four parts: The Project, The Problem, The Solution and The Conclusion. This clearly conveys:

  • The task that was in front of us – for example, mitigating flood risk zones at brownfield sites; being brought in after planning applications have been refused and overcoming objections; analysing the root cause of congestion problems.
  • Our approach and determining what needs to be done – for example, conducting onsite detailed design work; feeding into the master planning process; designing a drainage system; presenting sustainability benefits through evidence-led analysis.
  • How the project turned out – how we delivered in an efficient, collaborative way, for projects from Poole to Bridgend, Devon to Leicester and beyond.

Shared values

Quality is at the heart of every project we work on, and is often what sees us add to our client roster and project list. Clients appreciate the way we take ownership and responsibility, and collaborate transparently and effectively with internal and external colleagues. Whatever stage we come on board, we drive projects forward as if the scheme was our own, irrespective of their size.

The right people for the job

By retaining the right people and giving them the right tools, we have the expertise to apply to every challenge in front of us, and deliver the confidence to move forward. We also believe it’s important that every project has an appropriate degree of oversight by senior leadership for quality control and continuity of service.

Learn more about how we move plans forward

Take a look at what our team does for clients in more detail. You’ll see how we bring the insight, enthusiasm and specialist advice to find the solutions that keep projects on track and ensure plans are approved fast – and with minimal commercial disruption. Why not learn more about how we make the plan a reality?