Success at Coxheath, Maidstone for Calibro’s Transport and Infrastructure Teams

We are delighted by the news that Member’s of Maidstone Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission for 210 dwellings at Forstal Lane, Coxheath at their meeting of the 9th November 2017.

Calibro’s full suite of specialist transport, highway and infrastructure services were retained by Charterhouse Property Group from the outset of the project, including early-stage due-diligence studies and the preparation of a Transport Assessment, Travel Plan, Flood Risk Assessment and Outline Drainage Strategy. We also undertook three-dimensional ground modelling (cut & fill analysis) to inform a detailed cost appraisal.

Whilst Calibro’s technical submissions were accepted in full by the Local Highway Authority, Member’s of the Planning Committee had previously chosen to defer the decision at their 7th September meeting to enable consideration of an alternative access strategy or mitigation of the currently proposed access. Whilst localised flooding had been a matter of contention for local residents, Calibro’s evidence had clearly demonstrated that the proposals were able to resolve many of the existing problems.

Calibro subsequently worked tirelessly to provide Members with further information that would address their concerns, including the preparation of a refined access proposal that was also subjected to an independent safety audit, as well as a 20-page Transport Briefing Note that provided detailed consideration of the technical, policy and cost implications of an alternative access strategy across an overland flow exceedance route to connect into an adjoining development, which was subject to two separate ransoms.

At the second hearing, the Local Highway Authority reiterated the fact that the proposals were technically acceptable and indeed compliant with the relevant policy for the development of the site, and that they considered that further mitigation was unnecessary to make the scheme acceptable in planning terms.

The Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission with none voting against the motion to approve.

Speaking of the success, Charterhouse Property Group said:

“I am delighted to have secured consent for this strategic housing development which will provide much needed housing in the Maidstone area. This is the first of many strategic land promotions in the pipeline for Charterhouse Property Group.

Despite the allocated status of the site, we faced significant and coordinated local opposition on a number of issues, particularly focusing on transport and access. However, we have been comforted throughout this process, which began almost a year ago, by the expert advice and technical capabilities provided by the team at Calibro. They have provided a first class service across their transport and infrastructure specialisms, taking charge of the issues and driving forward the project whenever necessary.

We are exceptionally pleased to have engaged the full suite of services provided by Calibro and we have every intention of doing so again on our next project.”