Introducing Our Dream Team

Calibro’s Evolution: Meet our Dynamic New Leadership team

After 7.5 years of navigating the unpredictable terrain of a startup, Calibro has undergone a remarkable transformation. In the early days, we were all about that typical startup hubbub—chasing every opportunity with enthusiasm, casting our net wide, and perhaps even guilty of overextending ourselves. But in 2020, the world delivered a profound moment of reflection, courtesy of the pandemic. It was a wake-up call, urging us to pause, reevaluate, and reimagine our path forward.

We realised that being ‘busy fools’ wasn’t the journey we aspired to take. This revelation led to a pivotal decision to rebrand and redefine our identity, a step that aimed to showcase the genuine value and innovation we bring to every project we undertake. And now, as we embark on the exciting third phase of our journey, we’re thrilled to share our transformative developments with you.

Over the past six months, as we prepared for the opening of our second office in Southampton, spearheaded by our founder and Managing Director, Stuart Choak, we’ve been meticulously laying the groundwork for new Leadership Team. Their mission? Not just to oversee our Bristol office but to elevate it to unprecedented heights.

The days of Stuart overseeing every aspect of the business, making every decision, and holding every detail are behind us. The time for this evolution has arrived, and we are delighted to introduce you to our exceptional leadership team.

Meet the Dream Team:

Richard Woods is a foundational pillar of our organisation and the driving force behind our Transport Planning division.

He has been a trusted collaborator alongside Stuart in shaping our journey since the inception of the business and as the Head of Transport Planning, Richard plays a pivotal role in steering our company towards its goals. He thrives on leading his team with a blend of unwavering commitment to data accuracy and a deep-rooted culture of innovation.

Richard’s focus revolves around crafting the compelling ‘narrative’ that supports our development initiatives. He and his expert team pride themselves on delivering the most intricate, precise, and relevant data and analysis. Whether it’s laying the groundwork for site identification, promoting local plans, or providing support during the planning application process and beyond, Richard ensures that our approach is consistently rigorous.

Patrick Goodey is an integral member of our leadership team who heads our Flood Risk & Hydrology division.

Patrick’s journey brings him from a successful tenure leading the flood risk team at Bristol City Council, where he gained invaluable experience over nearly two decades.  With an impressive track record, Patrick has guided clients through every facet of their projects, from due diligence to the meticulous management of Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) and the development of outline drainage designs for a wide array of strategic housing developments, regardless of their scale.

Patrick’s vision aligns seamlessly with our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. He champions holistic solutions that harmonise the intricacies of flood risk management with sustainable development practices. His dedication ensures that projects not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute positively to the communities they serve.

Will Whiting is a versatile leader who not only heads our Bristol office but also serves as the Head of Infrastructure & Drainage within our dynamic leadership team.

Bringing a wealth of experience to our team, Will joined us after a remarkable 17-year journey in the realm of regional and national housebuilding. His most recent role as Engineering Manager at Redrow Homes Plc cemented his reputation for delivering engineering solutions with exceptional efficiency and a straightforward approach.

Will’s mission upon joining our team was to anticipate the evolving needs of our housebuilder clients. His focus centers on incorporating sound principles right from the early stages of planning, carrying them through to the timely submission of critical agreements like Section 38/278 highway agreements and S104/S185 drainage agreements. Additionally, he provides invaluable on-site support to contractors and developers, ensuring the successful realisation of our projects.

Behind these outstanding leaders are our group of incredible consultants, engineers, and technicians. Together, they form a cohesive unit driving our company’s transformation in line with our culture and values.

Setting the Foundations

Over the years, and certainly more recently, we have become comfortably aware of the unique value we bring to the table. By structuring our organisation in this way, we are nurturing an environment where our teams can flourish, individuals can seize opportunities to excel and we can seamlessly expand our reach into new geographical horizons, all while preserving the core culture that defines us.

Many of our clients are already well acquainted with the brilliance of Will, Patrick, and Richard. They are truly exceptional. For others, the familiar face will still be Stuart. But rest assured, this isn’t a step back; it’s a step forward. Stuart is liberating the wealth of talent within our organization. He’ll continue to work on projects for our key clients, offering oversight, and serving as a mentor.

So, rest assured, the only real change is for the better!

Speak with Us

Please feel free to reach out to our leadership team should you want to discuss the changes or have a particular need for your project.

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