Calibro Announces New Leadership Team to Uphold Integrity, Values & Ethics

Calibro is pleased to announce the appointment of a new leadership team to uphold the integrity of the business, its values and ethics.

Following recent changes to the business, Managing Director, Stuart Choak, has taken the opportunity to establish a new Leadership Team with the remit of not only sustaining and building upon our existing integrated multi-specialism service but which, importantly, places the integrity of the business, its values and ethics at the heart of everything we do.

It is under this background that we are pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Bearne as the new Head of Flood Risk & Hydrology . Alex is an experienced and committed professional with highly developed skills in hydology, hydraulic modelling and GIS, and an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment. In addition to more than 15 years’ experience providing flood risk and drainage advice for private sector clients, Alex has undertaken a significant amount of work for the Environment Agency and Local Authorities including modelling and flood forecasting, flood defence studies and Strategic Flood Risk Assessments.

We are also pleased to announce the appointment of Will Whiting as the new Head of Infrastructure. Will recently joined the business after more than 17 years’ working for regional and national housebuilders, most recently as Engineering Manager at Redrow Homes Plc. Will has developed an enviable reputation for delivering no-nonsense engineering solutions that work to integrate the needs of all disciplines – from archeology and ecology to landscaping and structural teams. Will’s experience of working as an in-house engineer for some of the most prestigous housebuilders means he is able to anticipate the needs of our clients and ensure sound engineering principles are incorporated from the earliest stages of informing a planning application, through to the timely submission of Section 38/278 highway agreements, S104/S185 drainage agreements, and providing on-site support where necessary.

Supporting the changes, we are also pleased to announce the change in role for Jenna Choak who will step up to become Accounts Manager. Jenna will be providing the Leadership Team with key financial support, including accounts payable/receivable and bookkeeping services, whilst compiling key financial reports to inform the business.

Speaking of the changes, Stuart Choak said:

“My focus for the business has always been about creating a breadth and depth of skills across the business. However, recent changes have provided me with an opportunity to review the business and the way in which we want to support our clients in the future. The creation of a Leadership Team presents the business with a real opportunity to reaffirm my personal commitment to ensuring we create a business renowned for delivering exceptional levels of service under the framework of our founding principles.

I am truly lucky to be working with the calibre of professionals we have in the business already and the appointments of Alex and Will as Heads of Department fills me with excitement for the future, and I am looking forward to working with them side-by-side to create a business where people want to work and where clients ask for us to be involved on their projects”.

Alex Bearne, Will Whiting and Jenna Choak