A brand new opportunity

How our updated brand brings greater clarity for clients

It’s been all systems Calibro.

Over the past six months we’ve been busy working on a new brand for our specialist infrastructure planning firm of consultants.

But re-launching the brand isn’t just about an updated identity, a retuned colour palette and new website. It’s given us a great opportunity to think about the way we present ourselves to clients – existing and prospective; the way we communicate clear, compelling reasons for our approach; and the way we tell the stories of how we’ve already helped clients across diverse sectors.

That’s not to say we don’t care about the aesthetic nature of a brand refresh. We’re all delighted with how Calibro looks and feels, with a strong, clear identity; smart, clean design style; and dynamic imagery.

We make communication key

It makes sense that we take care to communicate relevantly and succinctly across our channels and in all our marketing. The brand re-launch has given us the opportunity to look at how we articulate the services we offer: Transport Planning; Infrastructure and Drainage; Flood Risk and Hydrology. We’ve also considered the way we demonstrate the different sectors we work across, from residential to renewables, leisure to education.

After all, communication is one of our stand-out attributes, alongside our technical ability. When we’re working for our clients, we present proposals that are straightforward to understand and easy to approve – no unnecessary technical jargon. This way, decision makers are able to make swift, well informed decisions thanks to our clarity of thought and accessible, graphical information.

That’s why the clarity we offer across our expert team is reflected in every aspect of the new Calibro brand.