iTag instructions

Always on hand when you need us

What Am I?

I’m a kind of low energy Bluetooth tracker that will always be on hand to help you find those important things you sometimes misplace, like your office keys or wallet. I work with an App you can download to your smartphone – simply press a button in the App and I’ll start ‘shouting’ until you find me.

Now let me show you how to set me up….

First, let’s download the App

If you have an Android smartphone, open Play Store or App Store if you have an iPhone. Once open, search for the ‘cTracing’ app and click on ‘install’.

Now, let’s switch me on

Press and hold the ‘connect’ button (helpfully indicated by the Calibro logo) on your tracker for 3 seconds until I ‘beep’ twice.

If you want to turn me off in the future, press the Calibro logo again for 3 seconds until you hear the long ‘beep’.

1 – Open the cTracing App on your smartphone and ensure your Bluetooth is turned on – if you don’t know how to do this don’t worry, the App will ask you for permission to activate it later in the process.

2 – When you open the App for the first time, a series of information screens will appear – simply scroll through these until you see the ‘Start to Use’ button – and press it.

3 – On the next screen, you can choose to read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, and when ready press the ‘Agree’ button.

4 – At this stage, the App will ask you for permission to access different phone functions. Give permission to access your phone’s Location Services and Bluetooth (if you haven’t already activated ‘While Using the App’ – there is no need to give permission to access ‘calls’ and ‘photos’ if you don’t want it to.

5 – Your smart phone automatically finds and connects with me, but if it shows as ‘disconnected’, click the ‘Connect’ button to connect it again.

6 – If you want to give me a name – like ‘Dan’s Wallet’ – you can do this by clicking on the connected iTAG device from the App’s home screen. In the next screen select ‘Device Name’ and the soft keyboard will appear on your phone, allowing you to change the text.

How can you find me?

In your App, you can see how far I am from you by clicking on the ‘Radar’ option at the bottom of the App screen. This provides a graphical display of the distance I am from your smartphone.

If you don’t know where I am and want me to ‘call for you’, click on the ‘iTAG’ symbol to take you to the device screen (you can also do this by clicking the device from the home screen).

From here, click ‘Search Device’ and I will start beeping until you find me.

Once you have found me, press and hold the Calibo button to silence me.

That’s it. You’re ready to go.